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The Down Side of Pool Safety Nets

Downside of Pool Safety Nets

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Today, pool owners have many choices in not only how to take care of their pool, but also in ways to protect children and pets from drowning.  One type of available pool safety product is the pool net.  In the Arizona market, there is one primary company that offers them, and a couple other companies that offer them as a secondary product to their main product lines.  Many years ago, Solar Safe Pool Covers used to sell pool nets also, so we have a LOT of experience with them as well.

One of the main reasons pool owners like a pool safety net versus a fence is purely aesthetics.

They do not like the appearance of a pool fence, and how it can chop up the yard space and make your pool look like it is in prison.

People that invest in a pool net for the simple thought that it looks better than a fence, are often shocked when it comes time to figure out how to use it.  Regardless of the training received at installation, most people end up forgetting some of the basics and eventually end up abandoning their use out of pure frustration.

If you enjoy untangling strands of Christmas tree lights each year, then having to unravel a pool net may not be a big deal to you.  Once the net is rolled up on its roller, and it’s time to put it back on, you’ll need to go through the ritual of figuring out exactly where all that rolled up material goes onto your pool deck.

Safety Pool Cover Vs. Net

Pool nets and PowerLock safety pool covers are similar in two respects. First, they both are aesthetically more pleasing than a pool fence.  Second, they both use brass anchor inserts that go into your decking to attach them down.  The net anchor uses a little hook, while the PowerLock uses a male/female threaded anchor.

Ease of Use

That, however, is where the similarities stop.  With a pool net, the owner must bend over to unhook/connect every single hook. Once all the hooks are in place, then you’ll need to go back and properly tension the net. For a young parent in good shape, it may not be a huge challenge; but for a grandparent wanting to protect the pool when the grandkids are over, bending over close to 40 times and pulling to adjust tension, may be way too much.  Simply check out the online reviews associated with net companies, and you will see how many people are disappointed in the effort it takes to deal with a net.

In addition to the effort it takes, you will also see in reviews how many people are disappointed that pool service companies refuse to deal with pool nets. You cannot blame them when you consider pool service companies are selling you about 15-20 minutes of their time each week to service your pool. So, if they’re spending that time to take the net off and put it back on, they cannot make any money.  Plus, they do not want to be responsible for the liability of dealing with a pool safety device.

Pool service companies often feel the same way about the PowerLock cover, however that is where the biggest difference lies… with the PowerLock, the need for having a pool service company goes away! Because our pool covers are made from a solid material, you will keep dirt and debris out of the pool and stop the chlorine from burning off in the sun. This significantly reduces maintenance needs allowing for elimination of monthly pool service.

Pool Safety NetSafety Pool Cover


Though the PowerLock solar safety cover costs more than a pool net, the cost difference is typically recouped in less than a year because of all the chemical, electricity, and water evaporation savings you gain from having a cover.  In cases where safety is no longer a concern, then a pool net loses all benefit to pool owners because safety is the only advantage a net offers.


If safety is top of mind, there are other issues to consider with a net. While they do keep kids from falling into the water near the edge of the pool, should they roll further out, they can come into contact with the water and their small limbs can go through the holes in the pool net where they can be trapped until an adult can come get them. This is also the case for pets. Most dogs would easily get their legs caught between the holes and be unable to free themselves, having to wait hours to be rescued should you be away from your home.  A safety pool cover however, creates a solid, unsurpassable barrier which completely prevents children and pets from coming into contact with the water.

Essentially, a pool net will offer some safety – but with no long-term cost savings and the hassle that nets are to deal with; a pool cover is a much safer and better investment. Basically, you are getting a better safety product at no cost over the life of the cover. Solar Safe Pool Covers recommends researching all your available options before deciding on a pool safety device. Cost alone should not be a deciding factor, especially if lives are on the line.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

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