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Mesh pool cover

Mesh vs. Solar Safe Covers

If you are from the Midwest or East Coast then you are probably familiar with mesh pool covers. They are quite common in areas of the country that have winter seasons where pools are shut down. The covers are generally only put on in the fall and taken off in the spring. They are not used daily or for short periods of time.

Mesh covers require quite a bit of muscle and finesse to manipulate the handle and springs that come with the cover. They are most commonly sold by national manufacturers, distributors or pool stores that service many states. In Arizona, they are primarily sold by multi-state companies that are not familiar with any other covers other than mesh. Most over the counter mesh covers come as a rectangle with a certain length and width measurement. Custom sized and shaped mesh covers are much more expensive and require precise measurements and finger crossing to hope it fits your pool.

The differences in the mesh cover and the Solar Safe Pool Cover PowerLock are considerable. Both covers will keep out large items like leaves, pets and children but they will not keep out smaller items including rain, dust, small particles and sunlight. This means you still have to run your pool filter just as often as before, so they do not save any money on electricity, chemicals or water. A PowerLock pool cover will pay for itself over time and allows you to hibernate your pool for months or years at a time.