Water Conservation

Uncovered pools will evaporate…

¼ – ½ inch in per day

2 – 4 inches per week

25,000–50,000 gallons per year

Water is one of the most precious commodities on Earth and especially in Arizona water conservation is crucial. Without a proper cover, the average pool will evaporate the entire volume of the pool’s water every year! Our PowerLock Solar Safety Cover with the solid vinyl fabric seals in over 95% of the evaporation, preventing the pool chemistry from being disrupted from water and chemical loss.

We firmly believe for environmental reasons alone every pool owner should have installed a fully sealed cover to reduce unnecessary water loss. As added incentive, our average client who uses our PowerLock Solar Safety Cover saves up to $350.00 a year in water savings.

Large residential communities are starting to implement water restrictions, and recommend the use of a pool cover as noted in a recent Mesa publication – Conservation Corner.

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