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Better Than A Blue Bubble Cover

Bubble Pool Cover

When many people think of a solar pool cover they think of the inexpensive solar/blue bubble plastic covers that you cut with a pair of scissors to fit your pool. While these covers can add some heat to your pool, they don’t offer the many benefits of the PowerLock Pool Cover.

Laboratory tests* have shown that the Solar Safe Pool cover will add more heat to your pool water than the solar/blue bubble type covers. It will never clog up your pump skimmer with “fish scales” (little pieces of the plastic bubbles) as the bubble covers do when they’ve been in the Arizona sun for just a little while.

The PowerLock Pool Cover also functions as a safety cover, safely keeping children and pets out of the pool water. A bubble cover, on the other hand, can actually envelope a child, a pet or even an adult who falls on top of the cover, making it extremely difficult to get out of the water without help.

Removing dirt, leaves and debris from the PowerLock Cover before taking it off the pool is easily done with your pool brush or even a leaf blower. While a blue bubble cover may initially keep some leaves and debris out of the pool, it is difficult to take the blue bubble cover off the pool without dumping most of the leaves and debris into the water. And a PowerLock Pool cover won’t blow away in the wind like blue bubble covers easily can.