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Save with a Pool Cover


Protects children, pets and critters by creating an unsurpassable barrier.


Prevents dirt, debris, and UV rays from disrupting the pool chemistry.

Water Conservation

Promotes water conservation by saving over 90% of evaporation.


Allows for the complete “shut down” of the pool for weeks, months or indefinitely!

Swim Season

Passive solar collection adds 10-15 degrees of heat, extending swim season.


Monsoon coming near? You’re in the clear!

Heat Retention

Reduces heat loss by insulating the pool.

Money Saving

Saves money on chemical, water, electric and pool service costs.

Which cover is right for your pool?

PowerLock & HeatSaver Pool Covers are custom designed and fabricated for your pool.

Protect your loved ones with a Safety Cover

Save money by keeping your Residential or Commercial pool warm

Owning a pool can be a great joy, but it also comes with great responsibility. Our family-owned and operated company has been committed to saving Arizona residents time, money, and lives for over 22 years.

Solar Safe Pool Covers LLC manufacture and install two types of custom pool covers, the PowerLock Solar Safety Cover and the HeatSaver Thermal Cover. Both covers easily accommodate pools of any size or shape. Boulders, water features, walls, or raised/rolled/infinity edges are no problem for our custom designed, sewn on-site, pool covers. We are the top rated and reviewed pool cover company in the Phoenix and Tucson AZ metro areas. When people search for pool covers near me they call our team of pool cover experts at Solar Safe Pool Covers. We are dedicated to helping you with the best solar, safe, thermal, and custom pool covers and are not just a pool fence or net company that also sells pool covers.