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Why Pool Covers Are Better Than A Safety Fence

Why Pool Covers Are Better Than a Safety Fence

Most people are trained to think that pool safety means a safety fence. Pool fencing is a good option to help stop children from falling into a swimming pool, but the facts show about 20% of child drowning incidents each year happen in pools that had a fence. That means that fences are only 80% effective.

Is an 80% effective pool safety device good enough for your family?

Many people fall into a false sense of security thinking that since they have a fence that makes the pool child-proof. However, you only need to read news forums or watch the local news and you will see a pattern that pool fences are not foolproof. Whether the pool fence is in a state of disrepair, the gate is not latched properly, or the child figures out how to climb the fence, inquisitive children find their way past pool safety fences.

Children and pets are attracted to pools like a moth to a light. Creative children can figure out how to circumvent the fence. However, with a pool cover, the child cannot see the pool water, which great reduces its attraction.

Safety Fence Climb

Additionally, a pool cover offers a vast array of benefits over and above safety, that a fence does not. Arizonans know all about our “dry heat”, our sun can be unforgiving. With a pool cover, you can reduce pool water evaporation by 80-90%, saving you expense on your water bill. When you reduce evaporation, you do not have to add fresh water to your pool. When you add fresh water, you need to add more chemicals to maintain proper pool chemistry.

So, pool covers also reduce the amount of chemicals you will need to use in your pool, decreasing your maintenance costs even further. Unlike a fence, a pool cover will also keep out all types of dust, dirt and debris – something we have no shortage of here in Arizona! Dissolved solids also affect your pool chemistry, so a cover will also save you additional time and hassle from having to clean your pool as often, cutting down maintenance to the point where… if you wanted to… you could eliminate the need for monthly pool service, further increasing the amount of money kept in your pocket!\

AZ Top-Rated Manufacturer and Installer of Pool Covers

As Arizona’s leading swimming pool cover manufacturer and installer of manual pool covers, we know that pool fences are good… but a Solar Safe Pool Cover is better! Solar Safe Pool Covers wants to help educate swimming pool owners in Arizona about the benefits of pool and spa covers.

Our PowerLock safety cover offers FIVE great benefits over a pool fence:

  • First, it is a pool safety device, creating an unpassable barrier which acts much better than a traditional fence (which can be breached) keeping children & pets safe in your yard.
  • Second, it acts as a passive solar collector which will add significant heat to your swimming pool, warming the water 10-15 degrees, allowing you to extend your swim season each year.
  • Third, the pool cover is a great financial tool, saving you money on water, chemicals and electricity with reduced pump run time and free solar heating.
  • Fourth, the pool cover can be used to “hibernate” your pool in the winter months or off-season when your pool is not in use. This will further reduce yearly operation costs and maintenance, allowing for complete shut down of your pool for weeks or months at a time.
  • Lastly, the pool cover will keep out dirt and debris of all kinds, making for a cleaner pool with reduced maintenance.

The PowerLock Safety Cover is available in a variety of colors and is a custom product sewn on-site to fit your specific pool’s size and shape. Backed by an 8 Year Warranty, the cost savings and peace of mind you will receive with a Solar Safe Pool Cover are immense. Contact us today to learn more about how this superior option to a pool fence can work for you!


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