HeatSaver Thermal Cover


The HeatSaver Thermal Cover is primarily designed for pools/spas that add supplemental heat from propane, gas, solar or electricity. The HeatSaver is a superior insulator and is custom sewn on-site to seal in the pool’s heat, evaporation, and chemicals. The HeatSaver Thermal Cover minimizes the time and energy it takes to heat and maintain the pool, significantly reducing operating costs during your heating season.

Heat Saver Pool Cover

What makes the HeatSaver superior to a basic cut-off-the-roll bubble cover?

The HeatSaver Thermal Cover is quality constructed from #2 density cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam. It is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of polyethylene coated, high density woven, 1600 denier black fabric.

Manufacturer recommendation is to use this insulated cover during cold weather to assist in retaining heat. While the blue coated top layer has high resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays, it is not recommended for use during summer months (ongoing exposure to excessive heat/sun).

The cover is edged with an industrial strength woven polyethylene webbing to reduce wear around pool/spa edges. Edging available in either blue or black webbing.

Black Webbing

Black Webbing Pool Cover

Blue Webbing

Blue Webbing Pool Cover

The HeatSaver Thermal Cover can be fabricated in a variety of ways for ease of use and to best suit your needs. The cover can be cut into custom-sized panels which will accommodate pools of any shape. Panels can then be easily rolled up for removal & storage. The cover can also be created as one piece (with folding seams if applicable) for use with our optional roller.

Thermal Rolled Section

Thermal Sections Rolled

Thermal on Roller - Whole

Roller 4 Thermal - Rect

Heat Retention

The HeatSaver cover will RETAIN up to 90% of the heat by insulating the pool/spa during your heating season. This will drastically reduce overnight heat loss during cold weather months.


The HeatSaver cover will REDUCE the maintenance needed for your pool/spa. Not only will the cover reduce temperature loss when heating, but also reduce water loss and chemical usage. By cutting down on evaporation caused by wind, sun and dry desert conditions; you’ll use less water to maintain your pool. Without the frequent need to add fresh water to combat evaporation, more chemicals stay in your water allowing for reduced chemical usage. With a cover in place, most dirt and debris will also stay out of your pool water, requiring less pool maintenance to keep your pool clean.

Saves Money

The HeatSaver cover will SAVE money on heating cost during cooler weather and SAVE on associated maintenance costs for your pool/spa. Using less water, electricity and/or gas will cut down on your utility bills. Plus, due to the reduced need for chemicals on covered pools/spas your chemical costs will be lower.

The HeatSaver Thermal Cover is fully customizable to ensure ease of use, creating a cover to best suit your lifestyle needs. Complimentary straps and clips may be added in strategic locations to aid in removal and installation of the cover.


Straps & Clips



Additionally, Solar Safe Pool Covers offers optional heavy duty, custom sized rollers for use with pools whose size and shape are conducive to roller use. Our rollers are durable and made for use with our thicker, heavier cover materials and to withstand harsh Arizona conditions – unlike the plastic types made for bubble covers. These heavy duty, custom rollers are available for purchase and allow for convenient storage.

Heavy duty rollers are an excellent addition to enhance the overall ease of use in removing and installing either your Heat Saver Thermal Cover OR PowerLock Solar Safety Cover.





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