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Best Way to Monsoon-Proof Your Pool

Monsoon Pool Care

Each year, starting in late June and lasting through September is Arizona’s monsoon season which typically includes high winds, heavy rainfall, hail, thunder and lightening. We have all seen or experienced the dark afternoon skies followed by a large wall of dust hundreds of feet high, as it sweeps across the Valley.

Monsoon season can be both a blessing and a curse for homeowners.

Best Way to Monsoon-Proof Your Pool

Long awaited rainfall can be great for your thirsty landscaping, but too much rain too fast can cause flooding, washing yard décor like rocks, plants and mulch into your pool. If you have trees, shrubs or bushes in your yard, or have neighbors with lots of foliage, or a park nearby with larger trees or dirt areas; the monsoon winds can send leaves and debris of all kinds into your pool. Even without nearby landscaping, blowing dust from haboobs can deposit sand and dirt into your pool, making for hours or sometimes days of pool clean-up and maintenance to restore proper balance.

In addition to debris, the deposit of organic contaminants into your pool plus the added rainwater, will throw off your pool chemistry requiring extensive chemical rebalancing. If the monsoon storm is fast and furious, the rapid rainfall could also overflow your pool. Can you put a price on the additional hours of time you will require spending on cleaning up your pool, or the extra visits from your pool service company needed to clean up storm deposits?

Many pool service companies will advise you to run your pool filtration system for extra hours and add extra chemicals – which translates to added expense for you. Also, monsoon storms can come frequently for several weeks through the summer resulting in hundreds of dollars in added care and maintenance expense, hours of headaches, and extra time spent cleaning your pool instead of enjoying it.

So how can you minimize or better yet fully avoid the negative effects of Mother Nature on your pool during monsoon season?

The best way to monsoon-proof your pool is with a pool cover! Specifically, a cover that anchors down like our PowerLock cover, which will remain secure even in high winds and ensure that nasty dirt and debris will not end up in your pool or spa. With a pool cover in place during monsoons, your pool will stay clean, your pool chemistry will remain in proper balance, and there will be no need to run your pump additional hours or purchase any additional chemicals to mitigate the effects of the storm. Over the course of a single monsoon season, a pool cover can save you hundreds of dollars in energy, maintenance costs and time which can be better spent doing fun things with your pool… rather than vacuuming dirt, scooping out leaves, and pulling out patio furniture from your backyard oasis.

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