I have owned the Solar Safe Pool Cover for just about a year and it is the best investment we have made. The two main points is how easy it is to put on and how durable it is. Our dogs don’t really enjoy the pool, but the cover was a whole new play area. The durability of the cover is outstanding and the reduced chemicals and energy needed to heat the pool almost pay for the cover itself.

Al R.

This pool cover is a game-changer! My initial reason for getting the cover was to prevent my new puppy from falling in the pool, but the bonus was getting about a month of extra swim time in the fall and spring, and not having to scoop out leaves and debris all winter. The cover is not hard to remove and replace for a daily swim, even with one person. The cover looks great, and they were able to accommodate the boulders embedded in the edge of my pool. I highly recommend getting one of these covers.

Nancy P.

I purchased my pool cover in November 2019. The sales rep Jeff came to take measurements, provide an estimate and provide more product and company details. It was a no pressure visit. I was collecting a few more estimates for other types of pool covers during this time , but Jeff made up my mind. I asked him back a few weeks later to close out the deal. They offered financing packages and were kind enough to offer the Arizona Home Show pricing to me. The gentlemen who came out to fabricate the cover in my backyard were professional, super efficient and very kind. They walked me through removal, storage and maintenance and presented me with the tools for installation and removal. I am hibernating my pool this winter just like the video on their website. I am extremely satisfied with my cover. I have a new puppy and my first grandchild now; my mind is at ease now that the pool is covered. I recommend the company and their product.

Sheri Noll

I have had my solar safe pool cover for a year no and I am quite happy with it. There were several advantages over other systems. 1) Keeping the pool clean. Every year I fight for week to remove leaves from my trees. With the cover on, all I needed to do was to blow them off into the grass to pick them up. Before I would need to vacuum from the bottom of the pool for 2 or 3 weekends and run the filter to get the water clean for days. 2) Reduced chemicals. I would go through a bucket of Chlorine tablets every winter.Last year I only used about a 1/3 of a bucket. 3) Reduced pump run times.I would run my pump for 12 to 16 hours a day to keep my water clear. Now I run it about 6 hours a day. 4) Better than a fence. With the cover in place a child cannot get into the water.I walked on it to clean it with no problem. 5) Easy to remove. Yes, it’s easy to take off. I bought a storage box to store it in for the summer. This fall I removed it and covered my pool with my son in about an hour. 6) Dogs. While the dogs do not get on it, they have no problem chasing each other across it when playing. They have not harmed the cover at all. 7) Custom made.I have an odd shaped pool with boulders and rolled beam. They came out and cut and sewed the cover in about 1.5 days. This included installation and teaching me how to take if off and put it on.

Karl Weiss

This is easily one of the best products for your pool. So far there are only all positives. Where do I start? First and foremost it makes it safe for children and pets or seniors around your pool. It keeps the leaves and debris and sand out of your pool, it saves you electricity on the pump and life on your filters and equipment. It saves you water evaporation and chemicals, it can retain chemistry for probably 2 to 3 weeks making it great for vacation. It is easy to clean, I use a very soft squeegee and the pump to pump out water and also a shop vac to suck up the remaining junk. At first it was difficult to remove and put back on, but now I just roll it up and keep some of the anchors bolted down, if you take it off word of advice, take some red paint and mark one of the bolts to save yourself a world of trouble figuring out where it goes 😃. I hope this lasts the 8 years. I try and keep mine conditioned so it lasts longer, but even if it only lasts 8 years, it adds life to your pool (as) it prevents sun discoloration by keeping UV off your pool. AND it holds in heat, the only con is in the summer it can make a pool hot, you need to have one corner free to allow the hot air to escape but it will heat up your pool.


Jeff T.

We have had our Solar Safe pool cover for almost 6 months. What a comfort this cover gives you safety for the family. With a baby here, we never have to worry anymore, however still watching the little one. It also keeps your pool clean and helps to warm the water. It takes two of us maybe 10 minutes to take the cover off or put it back on. I highly recommend this cover and the company is fantastic as well. Very happy with both. Happy swimming, with safety.

Pat Braden

We have had our pool cover for about 3 years now, This is the best cover we have ever had, It performs just as stated, The cover is easy to remove and replace and can be done by one person. Our cover looks like brand new, we use the cover Cleaner and Conditioner once a year and it keeps the cover in great shape. The staff is very frendly and always helpful with anything we have needed. This is one pool cover i would totaly recommend.

Ken Kaufman

We are very happy with our solar safe pool cover. The quality is top notch and customer service was also great. We first found solar safe at the Tucson home show and we liked the idea but then we moved and did some different things and finally decided with our last pool it was time to get the cover purchased. Solar Safe was never hard sell or high pressure but always just willing to answer all our questions and seemed happy to do so. When we were ready to get started, the process wen very smoothly. The techs came to our home to ‘build’ the cover and it looks great. With our Solar Safe cover in place, we’ve been able to shut off our pump – hibernate the pool and we aren’t paying for a pool cleaning service anymore. We’re thrilled!

Laurie Swallows

Every fall I dread when the leaves begin to fall, as it means I will be spending at least an hour every night… cleaning the leaves out of the pool. But this year we made the decision to get a custom pool cover and we are very happy with the cover. It is such a relief not dealing with the leaves anymore. Plus, we were able to hibernate our pool in October, so I am not paying for pool service, electricity for the pump, or extra water that we lose to evaporation. This cover is truly paying for itself as we save these dollars through the fall, winter and in to spring.

David O'Shea

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