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reduce pool maintenance with PowerLock Solar Safety Cover blocked UV rays allowing chemicals to be properly used Firstly, chemicals are an essential requirement if you have a pool because of the incessant amount of dirt/debris and organic containments that accumulate in uncovered, still, sunbaked water.

Chlorine is the most popular chemical choice for most people, whether it is applied in tablet, liquid, or gas form. Some people even use a salt water pool chlorine generator to reduce cost in routine maintenance but more expensive in the initial installation and periodic replacement cell costs.

Either way, most of the chemicals in the pool will be burned off by the sun’s powerful UV rays. When you use our custom sewn PowerLock Solar Safety Cover, the UV rays are blocked, allowing your chemicals to be properly used.

Most clients can reduce pool maintenance costs by $250.00 a year or 80% of their chemical usage by utilizing our cover.

reduce pool maintenance with PowerLock Solar Safety Cover seals water in over 95% of the evaporationSecondly, water is one of the most precious commodities on Earth, and especially in Arizona water conservation is crucial. Without a proper cover, the average pool will lose the equivalent of evaporating the entire volume of the pool every year!

Our PowerLock Solar Safety Cover with the solid vinyl fabric seals in over 95% of the evaporation which also prevents the pool chemistry from being disrupted. We firmly believe for environmental reasons alone every pool owner should have installed a fully sealed cover to reduce maintenance in unnecessary water loss.

As an added incentive, our average client who uses our PowerLock Solar Safety Cover saves $200.00 a year in water savings.

reduce pool maintenance with Power Lock Solar Safety Cover can block the dirt/debris contaminants that could cut your pool filtration system timeThird, every pool has to have a pool pump installed. A standard single speed pump can cost up to $500.00 per year in electric costs. The average pool is filtered between 8-12 hours per day to remove the dirt/debris and circulate it.

However, when you use our Power Lock Solar Safety Cover, you can block the dirt/debris contaminants and the UV rays from entering the water, enabling you to cut your filtration time down from 12 hours a day to 1 hour per day.

Furthermore, if you choose to hibernate your pool, you can even shut your pool pump off completely for weeks or years at a time! This saves on electric operating costs, and it extends the life expectancy of the pump.

reduce pool maintenance and save time with costly expenses of pool clean-up after a severe monsoon storm. make your pool monsoon proofThe PowerLock Solar Safety Cover provides the added benefit of monsoon proofing your pool! If you’ve ever owned a pool in desert, you know one of the most time consuming and costly expenses of your pool is the clean-up after a severe monsoon storm.

Our PowerLock Cover acts as a barrier, separating clean water from dirty monsoon debris which significantly reduces post-storm pool maintenance clean up time and costs.