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Solar Safe Pool Covers LLC, is Arizona’s only pool cover manufacturer. Our family started with a solar water heating business in 1980 and expanded into pool covers in 1997. In 2002, with the help of our financial partner, Leslie Nielsen (yes that Leslie Nielsen, Airplane, Naked Gun, etc) we purchased Poolsaver. Poolsaver at one point had been the largest automatic pool cover manufacturer in the United States. With the death of Leslie in 2009 and the ongoing recession, we decided to stop manufacturing automatic pool covers and selling solar water heaters. This allowed us to concentrate on manual pool covers and it was the best business decision we could have made! Our main office and manufacturing warehouse is located in north Phoenix. However, we also service other parts of the state including the entire Phoenix and Tucson metro areas, and northern Arizona areas like Flagstaff, Prescott & Sedona. We are happy to be a longtime Arizona company providing jobs for dozens of people in the valley, and we are confident you’ll enjoy our quality products and service for years to come!