Solar Safe Pool Covers Are…

Better Than A Pool Safety Net!

Pool Safety Net Pool Safety Cover Vs. Safety Net

A SOLAR SAFE POOL COVER PowerLock Pool Cover offers you a great alternative to pool safety nets. Many people buy pool safety nets because they do not like the looks of a safety fence. That is one of the reasons that people like our pool cover as well, but that is where the benefit similarities between a PowerLock and a pool net ends.

The PowerLock pool cover and a pool net are both custom made in the customers backyard. They are both cut to the shape of the pool and attached with anchors to the decking and any steps or water features. A pool net, however, is much more cumbersome to deal with and takes more time to reinstall after it has been taken off. Once the net is rolled up on its roller trying to unwind it and find the correct holes to line the net up to is just like the yearly tradition of untangling Christmas tree lights before you try to put them on the tree. You took the lights off thinking that the next year it will be easy to unwind but it never turns out that way.

Although safety pool nets will keep children from falling into the water near the edge of the pool, if they happen to roll further out into the pool they can come into direct contact with the pool water. The primary reason a child falls onto a net is generally because they are not being supervised and are attracted to the water so if they crawl toward the center of the pool instead of the deck, they can get into the water. They also can be trapped where they land until an adult can come get them off the net.

Pool safety nets are not pet friendly, instead they are quite the opposite. You can only imagine what it would be like to be a large dog in our desert climate and get its legs stuck in the holes in the net and cannot get itself out and have to wait hours to be rescued. One pool safety net company even shows a picture of a large dog standing comfortably on the pool net but the picture looks very suspicious if you look closely at the feet.

Pool Safety Net Cost

The biggest cost difference between a Solar Safe Pool Cover and a safety pool net is that the net will not pay for itself over time like the cover will. You will still have to filter the pool just as often as you did before. All the dirt and leaves will still fall into the pool and chances are if you had a pool service company they will refuse to continue to service your pool since they are not being compensated to take the net off to maintain the pool. Pool Service companies are selling their time, usually about 15 to 20 minutes per week so they do not have time to take off the net and do their cleaning and get it back on in the allotted time. With no cost savings, more hassle in dealing with the net, the pool cover is a much safer and better investment. You are basically getting a better safety product for no cost over the useful life of the cover.

Better Than A Pool Fence!

Pool Fence Pool Fences are good, but a Solar Safe Pool Covers are better!

Pool Fences are good, but a Solar Safe Pool Covers PowerLock pool cover is better! Most people are trained to think that pool safety means a safety fence. Pool fencing is a good item to help stop children from falling into a swimming pool but the facts show that about 20% of the child drowning incidents each year happened in pools that had a fence. That means they are only 80% effective. Is an 80% effective pool safety device good enough for your family?

Whether the pool fence is in disrepair, the gate not latched properly, or the child figures out how to climb the fence, inquisitive children find their way past pool safety fences. Let’s face it children are attracted to pools like a moth to a light. Creative children figure out how to circumvent the fence. With a PowerLock pool cover the child will not see the pool water anymore. Many people fall into a false sense of security thinking that since they have a fence that makes the pool child-proof. Just read the newspaper articles or watch the news clips on TV and you will see an obvious pattern that pool fences are not foolproof.

Better Than A Blue Bubble Cover!

Bubble Pool Cover When many people think of a solar pool cover they think of the inexpensive solar/blue bubble plastic covers that you cut with a pair of scissors to fit your pool. While these covers can add some heat to your pool, they don’t offer the many benefits of the PowerLock Pool Cover.

Laboratory tests* have shown that the Solar Safe Pool cover will add more heat to your pool water than the solar/blue bubble type covers. It will never clog up your pump skimmer with “fish scales” (little pieces of the plastic bubbles) as the bubble covers do when they’ve been in the Arizona sun for just a little while.

The PowerLock Pool Cover also functions as a safety cover, safely keeping children and pets out of the pool water. A bubble cover, on the other hand, can actually envelope a child, a pet or even an adult who falls on top of the cover, making it extremely difficult to get out of the water without help.

Removing dirt, leaves and debris from the PowerLock Cover before taking it off the pool is easily done with your pool brush or even a leaf blower. While a blue bubble cover may initially keep some leaves and debris out of the pool, it is difficult to take the blue bubble cover off the pool without dumping most of the leaves and debris into the water. And a PowerLock Pool cover won’t blow away in the wind like blue bubble covers easily can.

Better Than A Mesh Pool Cover!

Mesh pool cover Mesh vs. Solar Safe Covers

If you are from the Midwest or East Coast then you are probably familiar with mesh pool covers. They are quite common in areas of the country that have winter seasons where pools are shut down. The covers are generally only put on in the fall and taken off in the spring. They are not used daily or for short periods of time.

Mesh covers require quite a bit of muscle and finesse to manipulate the handle and springs that come with the cover. They are most commonly sold by national manufacturers, distributors or pool stores that service many states. In Arizona, they are primarily sold by multi-state companies that are not familiar with any other covers other than mesh. Most over the counter mesh covers come as a rectangle with a certain length and width measurement. Custom sized and shaped mesh covers are much more expensive and require precise measurements and finger crossing to hope it fits your pool.

The differences in the mesh cover and the Solar Safe Pool Cover PowerLock are considerable. Both covers will keep out large items like leaves, pets and children but they will not keep out smaller items including rain, dust, small particles and sunlight. This means you still have to run your pool filter just as often as before, so they do not save any money on electricity, chemicals or water. A PowerLock pool cover will pay for itself over time and allows you to hibernate your pool for months or years at a time.

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