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How Pool Covers Help Save Water & Money

Pool Cover Water Evaporation

Living in Arizona’s dry desert climate, we all know how precious our water resources can be. Each year local news organizations share stories on the latest “water crisis” facing our state and its residents. As a homeowner with a pool, you have likely learned a portion of your monthly water bill goes to maintaining your pool water levels.

Some of you may think…”Wait, is that the case? When was the last time I had to refill the pool?” It is definitely one of those things that goes unnoticed as a majority of pools in Arizona are equipped with auto-levelers or pool autofill devices. Similar to the float in your toilet tank, they maintain the level of water in your pool to prevent damage to pool equipment.

Those without an automatic filler have likely needed to throw the hose into the pool to “top off” several times a month. With our strong sun, low humidity, gusting winds and critters like bees & birds using pools as watering holes – hundreds of gallons of water can disappear each week. Average sized pools lose anywhere from ¼” to 1” weekly, mostly in summer months. According to AZ Department of Water Resources a standard (16 ft x 36 ft) uncovered pool loses 4-6 feet of water each year.  That is nearly equivalent to losing your entire pool’s contents in a year to evaporation!!

Additionally, when you factor in the rising cost of residential water services, you can see how this expense can quickly add up. The City of Phoenix recently implemented water rate increases of over 6% into early 2022. Tucson residents are also feeling the weight of higher water bills with a recent rate increase in Pima County. Of course, wanting to maintain a “green home” and preserve natural resources is reason enough for many homeowners to look into different ways to reduce their water usage.

The most effective way to limit your pool water evaporation, and keep more water in your pool (and money in your pocket!) is to install a pool cover.

Consistent use of a pool cover, not only provides an added measure of safety, but can reduce your water loss from evaporation by as much as 90%!! With less fresh water having to be added to your pool to counteract evaporation, this also reduces the amount of chemicals needed to rebalance your water chemistry. Less chemical use means additional savings as well, since the cost and availability of chlorine alone has been impacted by supply issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you are looking to save our planet’s resources or save money on your monthly utility bills; a pool cover truly is a no-brainer for Arizona homeowners with pools! If reducing evaporation sounds like a smart idea to you, Solar Safe Pool Covers can help design a custom solution for your specific pool or spa, and allow you to start saving both water and money.

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