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Types of Pool Covers

Thermal (heatsaver) Pool Cover With Rectangles

If you’re building or already own a pool and want to make the most of it, selecting the correct cover for it is essential. There are various types of pool covers available and choosing one that meets your needs can save time and money in the long run.


Today, you have several types of pool covers to choose from that promise protection and convenience during summer. The ideal covers are easy to install, remove and store away after each use for added convenience.

Mesh safety covers are a popular choice among many homeowners, designed to filter water and prevent rainwater from collecting on top of the pool. They also keep debris out of the water and tend to be more durable than solid pool covers.

Solid safety pool covers are similar to mesh covers, except that their material is non-permeable – meaning water and snow cannot pass through them.

Due to the tight seal around a pool, solid safety covers require regular maintenance during the winter. This includes sweeping away any debris and pumping out standing water – some models even feature small center drains for added convenience.


For the lightest option for your pool, a mesh cover is the best bet. Mesh covers are constructed with extremely fine, tightly knit fibers that let water pass through but not debris.

However, they also allow rainwater to seep through, disrupting the chemistry of your pool and creating an unhealthy environment. A solid cover with drainage features built-in can prevent too much accumulation of water; however, it’s heavier and more challenging to install.

For the ideal combination of water permeability and UV protection, opt for a hybrid cover. These covers feature mesh and solid elements that let water through but block UV rays and most debris particles. However, be aware that these can be quite expensive options.


Pool covers come in many varieties, all designed to keep your pool secure and protected from UV rays. Furthermore, they help keep the water clean and clear so you can enjoy it for longer.

When selecting a pool cover, color and thickness should be taken into consideration. The right shade and thickness will greatly enhance how well the cover helps retain heat in your pool.

One of the most popular solar pool covers is a bubble pool cover. These are made from translucent plastic with air bubbles that float on top of the water.

Bubbles create an insulating air gap between your pool water and cover, decreasing evaporation and retaining most of the heat that your pool receives from sunlight.

Covers for swimming pools come in an assortment of colors and thicknesses. Some even come on reels that you can pull out of the pool and roll up, making it simpler to maneuver them around your pool.


Solar Pool Covers are an efficient way to keep your swimming pool warm without using up too much electricity. They can raise the temperature up to 15 degrees and are more cost-effective than heating the pool yourself.

Pool covers come in a range of shapes and sizes, such as rectangles, rounds and ovals. Some models even feature wheels so you can roll them up and relocate them to another part of your property easily.

The ideal solar pool covers are those that retain heat and block UV rays from damaging your pool’s water chemistry. Furthermore, they boast a durable, lightweight design and are easy to install or remove.

Solar pool covers come in a range of colors, such as clear and blue. Darker options tend to retain heat better while blocking UV rays more effectively; on the other hand, lighter options allow more light into your pool area.

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