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Why Should You Buy a Solar Pool Cover in Arizona?

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Solar Pool Covers are a type of pool cover constructed from special material which traps heat and prevents evaporation. Not only does this reduce chemical usage, but it also keeps your pool clean.

Solar covers come in a range of materials and colors. Some are more effective than others at retaining heat and keeping your pool clean.

Heat Retention

Installing a solar pool cover on your pool helps to retain the warmth absorbed by the water, allowing you to swim longer without needing additional heaters.

During the summer, most pool water loses its heat through evaporation. This occurs primarily at night, so having a cover on your pool helps reduce this evaporation.

The heat retention of a solar pool cover is determined by its color, material and thickness. A clear cover allows sunlight to pass through while decreasing evaporation and warming the water.

Vinyl is the ideal material for solar covers due to its strength, durability and tear resistance. Furthermore, it blocks harmful UV rays and keeps the cover from degrading too quickly. Vinyl also makes for a strong and reliable solar cover.

Reduced Evaporation

Solar pool covers have been known to significantly reduce heat evaporation, making them a huge benefit for pool owners in drought-ridden California, who may otherwise lose up to 30% of their water due to evaporation.

A study conducted by Cal Poly researchers in 2016 demonstrated the effectiveness of solar blankets, liquid solar blankets and solar rings at reducing evaporation by about 95%.

Traditional solar blankets, filled with air-filled bubbles, sit atop your pool and act as a barrier against evaporation. They come in various sizes and colors depending on the size of your pool and usually cost between $50-$300.

A more recent innovation is the liquid solar cover, which floats to the surface of your pool and helps retain heat from the sun. This reduces evaporation, saving time and money in the process. Plus, it adds protection to your pool water chemistry while being user-friendly.

Reduced Chemical Consumption

Solar Pool Covers can help reduce the amount of chemicals you need to use in your swimming pool, making them especially helpful for swimmers with sensitive skin or who are prone to chlorine rash.

By keeping the heat inside a cover, you can prevent up to 95% of evaporation – saving you money on water and chemical bills.

Another advantage of using a solar pool cover is that it reduces the amount of garden debris entering your swimming pool, thus decreasing strain on filter systems and saving time with maintenance tasks.

There are various types of solar pool covers, including liquid ones that are safe for swimmers. Ultimately, the ideal type of cover depends on the size and style of your pool.

Reduced Debris

Covering your pool can reduce the amount of debris that falls into it, saving you a lot of time cleaning and maintaining it.

Additionally, your pool pump won’t have to work as hard, saving you money on energy and water for your pool.

Solar pool covers work by creating small pockets of air that act as magnifying glasses to trap heat from the sun and keep your pool water warm. They also reduce evaporation by keeping water from naturally escaping.

Pools tend to be lightweight (about 10k for a standard pool) and don’t need rollers, making installation relatively quick. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space so may not be ideal if your backyard is small.

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