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Why Solar Pool Covers Are Better Than Pool Nets

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Solar pool covers especially from Solar Safe Pool Covers can help save you money on both water bills and chemical usage while simultaneously keeping your pool looking its best.

They come in various shades, with darker covers absorbing less solar heat to keep your pool warmer longer. Furthermore, these covers may help decrease evaporation and chlorine breakdown.

1. Reduces Evaporation

Solar pool covers are an effective way of minimizing the evaporation of water from your pool and in turn saving both heat and energy through reduced evaporation losses and increasing pool temperatures by up to 15 degrees.

Solar covers also help prevent night-time heat loss by insulating your pool from cooler air temperatures and helping prevent heat loss at night. Depending on the type and thickness of solar cover you choose, solar can actually save money by decreasing your heating costs for pool use.

2. Reduces Heat Loss

Solar covers capture heat from the sun to warm your pool water quickly, producing daily gains of 1-2oF in excellent weather.

Solar blankets also help slow evaporation, the primary source of heat loss in pools. This will keep water temperatures higher for an extended period of time – saving on heating costs for longer.

Solar pool covers are made of clear or dark blue material that allows sunlight to warm the water underneath, without blocking UV rays that break down chlorine.

3. Reduces Chlorine Loss

No matter if it’s an in-ground pool or above-ground pool, solar pool covers can keep the temperature consistent and even save money on heating costs.

Solar covers can help reduce chlorine loss. By preventing evaporation and keeping pool water warm, solar covers keep heat from dissipating as you use less chemicals for maintenance of your pool.

Choose from various types and thicknesses of covers; thicker 12 mil covers provide better heat transfer while resisting tear more effectively than thinner 8 mil ones; however, heavier covers may make removal and replacement more challenging over time.

4. Reduces UV Damage

There are various steps you can take to reduce UV damage from solar pool covers. First and foremost, make sure they are stored correctly when not in use.

Leave them out in the sunlight, and you risk them deteriorating quickly, while UV can also start affecting your pool water’s chemical balance.

One effective way to avoid UV damage to solar pool covers is storing them in the garage. By staying out of direct sunlight’s path, this will extend their lifespan.

5. Reduces Water Damage

One of the major advantages of installing a solar pool cover is preventing damage to your pool caused by rainwater. This occurs for various reasons.

First and foremost, adding a pool cover will reduce evaporation rates in your pool, meaning less frequent refilling of water is needed. Furthermore, it helps prevent bacteria growth by keeping chlorine from being evaporated away off of the surface water surface and off of your pool’s surface.

One way to reduce water evaporation from your pool is to create a windbreak around it with plants, patio furniture or privacy screens.

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