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Why Buy a Safety Cover for Pools?

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Safety pool covers are multitaskers, and can save you some money when it comes to maintaining a pool. Yard debris, rain water and dust can wreak havoc with your sanitizer and breed algae – but safety covers will help safeguard you against both.

If your pool fits the standard shape (Type #1), finding an off-the-shelf cover should be relatively straightforward. For any other shapes such as free form, bowed, Grecian or lazy-shaped pools a custom safety cover will likely be needed for adequate safety protection.

Keeps Debris Out

Safety Covers for Pools provide essential protection, keeping out any child, cat or dog who might accidentally jump in, as well as objects which fall onto the cover and prevent debris accumulation for easier Winter/Spring cleanup.

Safety covers are stretched tightly over your pool surface to keep debris at bay, keeping out leaves and snow from drifting under it. A standard yard blower is an effective way to clear away leaves or snow that accumulate on it in Winter – keeping it ready for swimming season #2!

The most widely-used safety cover for pools is mesh cover made of strong UV-enhanced fabric that blocks most sunlight and thus minimizes bacteria and algae growth, thus decreasing chemical use for winter maintenance of your pool.

As this feature helps speed up the opening process in Spring, it does allow fine dust particles into the water which can cause it to appear green each year. You can reduce this effect by closing your pool later each night so less bacteria and algae have time to build up on its cover. Furthermore, these covers don’t block all light from entering into your pool’s environment so for optimal protection a solar blanket may also be required alongside its safety cover.

Keeps Kids and Pets Safe

Safety covers are an effective way of keeping kids and pets out of your pool unsupervised, while also collecting toys or debris that could fall in and potentially suffocate someone.

An ideal pool safety measure would be to completely enclose it with an opaque cover, so children and pets cannot gain entry at all – this would provide optimal safety measures against entry to the water. In case they manage to gain entry through some other means, ensure the cover fits securely so they won’t slip beneath it into it and eventually slip in themselves.

Safety covers are indispensable not only in terms of protecting the pool against damage caused by snowfall but also keeping water clean as bacteria has difficulty growing under cover. A properly fitted safety cover should serve both these functions equally.

Safety covers may be more expensive than traditional winter pool covers, but their lasting durability makes up for that difference. They also look neater and more finished than standard covers which may feel unfinished and disorganized at times. Plus they can be customized to fit features like raised walls, waterfalls or spas; and come in various colors that complement both your pool and landscaping design as well as up to 25 year warranty protection!

Easy to Install

Safety covers are built for one thing and one thing only – safety. They’re built to withstand large weight loads without succumbing to wear and tear, making them the ideal solution for pools without fences or other security barriers. Furthermore, unlike tarp covers which must be weighted down with water bags before closing time comes around, these safety covers don’t require this additional step in closing process, saving time, money, and effort when closing a pool.

Installing your Safety Cover begins by first drilling anchor points into the concrete deck or vinyl lining surrounding your pool. While you could do it yourself, we strongly advise hiring professional installers in order to avoid mistakes that could cost thousands in repairs and replacements – even one mistake can cause structural integrity to fail and not protect the pool effectively.

Connect the spring ends to their anchors, and your cover is ready. Roll up and store in an allocated space like your garage rafters or shed. Before storing, clean to remove dirt & debris before applying household lubricant to each screw in order to avoid dust, dirt and rodent damage to threads; store it somewhere dry, dark and away from rain or snowfall for maximum effectiveness.

Easy to Remove

Assuming your safety pool cover doesn’t open and close automatically with just one push of a button or flip of a switch, it is recommended to ask for assistance when removing, cleaning, and storing it. This is especially beneficial if it has solid materials which tend to be heavier and therefore harder for an individual to manage alone.

Fold the cover in sections as you remove it, using accordion folding (or fan folding), in order to facilitate easy reinstallation when spring comes around. It also reduces wear and tear on your cover itself by protecting vulnerable spots against rough or sharp surfaces that might catch on it otherwise.

Once the cover is completely off, it’s best to use either a leaf blower or regular broom to clear away any snow that has accumulated. Regular brushing will prevent snow accumulation that could damage both the cover, anchors, and pool itself.

Before storing away the cover for the season, it’s essential that all springs connected to anchor points around the perimeter of your pool decking or concrete are removed and stored safely until next year. Those connected with anchor points must also be unbolted and placed into an easily accessible container where they will remain until it comes time for next year.

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