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Why Is It Important to Have a Pool Cover in Arizona?

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Safety covers can make a big difference for any pool, keeping out children, pets, debris and lowering energy costs.

Water is protected from evaporation when you purchase solid safety covers; mesh covers may let some water through, but are far less durable compared to solid safety covers and usually only last two or three seasons before needing replacing.

Heat Retention in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona’s intense sun can quickly cause your pool water to evaporate, but having a cover can slow this process and keep the temperature more consistent, saving money on pool chemicals at the same time.

Use of a pool cover during stormy weather is also beneficial in keeping debris and dirt out of the pool, making it safer for children or animals who use the pool regularly. This is particularly crucial if your pool serves as a place for recreation for your family members or pets.

Pool covers come in all shapes and sizes – in terms of size, material composition and price point – providing essential benefits. Some popular options are mesh covers with solid walls and automatic pool covers.

Mesh safety covers are typically made of UV-enhanced weave that helps combat against evaporation and algae growth, making them light weight and easy to handle, making them suitable for homeowners looking to use their pool cover themselves. They may not block out all sunlight however; thus allowing algae to form more quickly which should then need hosing down more often.

Solid security covers are custom-fitted to the shape of your pool and secured to its deck using anchors along its edges, offering ultimate durability over 10 years. Not only can this type of cover keep out algae while also reducing evaporation, it can also collect moisture that must be manually extracted via water pump or cover cleaner.

An automatic pool cover is powered by a reel system that allows it to roll out over your pool at the push of a button, offering ease and safety for most homeowners. Although more costly, they’re considered safer and more convenient options.

An investment like a high-quality swimming pool should be protected from its surroundings and any potential dangers of using it on hot days, and cover will ensure its continued usage all year round, regardless of weather.

Why is it important to have a pool cover in Arizona

Water Evaporation

Water evaporation is a serious concern in hot desert environments like Arizona. Large swimming pools tend to lose water at an alarmingly rapid pace throughout the day and night – leading to significant amounts of loss that can quickly add up over time and be costly to keep up with. A good pool cover will trap heat and slow the rate of evaporation to save pool water.

Many pool owners become confused when their pool begins leaking large amounts of water each week and assume there must be an underlying leak somewhere within its walls or bottom, when in reality the issue lies much simpler – your pool’s natural process of evaporation could simply be to blame; having a cover could reduce how much is lost each week by as much as 50%!

Pool covers offer another great benefit of keeping dirt, debris and other materials out of your pool, saving both time and money from having to clean your pool each month. They may also prevent algae growth which could create chemical imbalances and change in chemical balance in your pool.

Depending on the type of cover that you select, some will help keep dirt and debris out of your pool even during the heat of summer. These mesh covers allow water to pass through them but may be more costly and difficult to keep clean due to collecting moisture.

Some pool owners also opt to use liquid pool covers, typically composed of silicon- or isopropyl alcohol-based liquid, to form an invisible barrier over the surface of their pool and reduce evaporation. While this type of cover can be effective, they must be replaced each month – for permanent results look into solar or vinyl pool covers that save both money and water year round.

Debris Retention

Covers can help maintain cleaner water during the off-season by filtering out leaves and other debris before they enter your pool, making your swimming season more enjoyable while making life easier on your filter and decreasing chemical costs. A safety cover also prevents debris, pets or children from falling into your pool, potentially resulting in serious injury or even death.

There are various kinds of covers, each serving different purposes. Your best choice will depend on what your goals and budget are.

Solar covers are an effective solution for lowering energy costs and keeping your pool warm, helping reduce evaporation rates while safeguarding investments. Plus, cleaning times will decrease significantly making getting it ready for swimming much simpler!

This type of pool cover consists of a lightweight tarp that covers the entirety of your pool surface, secured by long water tubes around its edge. When not in use, it can easily be rolled up for storage when not needed. A pool cover pump must be regularly installed with this cover to pump air into it – an effort-intensive task best left to professionals.

Solid covers are among the more costly options, yet provide numerous advantages. Being virtually impenetrable, it will keep extra water and debris out of your pool, creating a much healthier and cleaner pool when opening day arrives. Plus, its UV ray-blocking properties reduce evaporation rates and curb algae growth; though moisture build-up may require regular blow off with a yard blower.

A mesh safety cover serves as a strainer, filtering out leaves and other debris from your pool water. However, its upkeep requires manual attention: periodically it must be pumped using a cover pump as well as being visually inspected regularly as well as tested for water chemistry.

Solid pool covers: These covers are made of a single piece of material, such as vinyl or polyethylene. They are very effective at reducing evaporation and keeping your pool clean, safe, and warm.
Mesh pool covers: These covers are made of a mesh material, such as polypropylene or polyester. They are not as effective at reducing evaporation as solid pool covers, but they are still effective at keeping your pool clean and safe.
Automatic pool covers: These covers are operated by a motor, and they can be opened and closed quickly and easily. They are a great option for people who want the convenience of a pool cover without having to manually open and close it.


Pool covers are an integral component of any swimming pool that provide necessary safety protections against accidental drownings by keeping children, pets, and neighbors out. They’re particularly important for Arizona homeowners whose pools lack fences or other forms of barriers preventing entry. A safety cover alone can often prove more effective at preventing accidental drownings than even the best-maintained fence! Plus they help keep dirt out of the water to reduce filter run times and extend its life!

While there are various kinds of pool covers, a safety cover should be the top priority when it comes to protecting both family members and guests. Undergoing independent testing to meet ASTM safety requirements, safety covers are the perfect addition for any home with swimming pool. They must be strong enough to support two people and one child simultaneously while not leaving gaps of greater than 4-inches that could trap someone beneath it. When not in use, safety covers must be stored safely away from the pool area until later use when removed by hand or locked off until its time to return again.

Safety covers are available in a range of styles and materials to complement the aesthetic and budget needs of your home. A mesh safety cover works like a strainer to capture leaves and debris while still allowing rain and snow to pass through without building up on the surface of your pool – this option costs the least and requires the least maintenance, however wear-and-tear issues may impede its use as effectively as other options do.

Solid safety covers are similar to winter covers but specifically tailored for heavy debris such as tree limbs or branches that could fall into the pool otherwise. They can be operated manually, semi-automatically, or automatically and provide high levels of safety protection.

Automatic covers utilize reels that roll and unroll the cover automatically and can be controlled remotely, making maintenance more convenient for homeowners with limited space who don’t have room to store a roller cart for their covers. Although more maintenance intensive, automatic covers offer convenient pool care services at reduced costs for their convenience and cost effectiveness.

If you need help with choosing the best custom, safe, solar pool covers in the Phoenix and Tucson, AZ area contact our experts at Solar Safe Pool Covers.

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