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When should you not put solar cover on pool?

When should you not put solar cover on pool?

Ever thought a solar cover could harm your pool sometimes? Solar covers do lots of good things like keeping the pool warm, stopping water from evaporating, and lessening the need for chemicals. However, there are times when they may not be helpful, or even bad. So, when is it smart to take off your solar cover?

It’s a good idea to remove the solar cover on really hot days. This stops the pool from heating unevenly, making your swimming experience better. It also lets carbon dioxide escape, which is key for the pool’s health.

Shutting away the sun by taking off the cover helps it last longer too. So, how to decide? You need to think about the weather, how often the pool is used, and keeping out debris.

Key Takeaways

  • Remove the cover during extremely hot days to prevent uneven heating.
  • Allow carbon dioxide to escape by taking off the cover periodically.
  • Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure to extend the lifespan of the solar cover.
  • Consider the weather and potential debris when deciding cover usage frequency.
  • Balance the benefits of temperature regulation against pool maintenance needs.

Understanding the Purpose of a Solar Cover

Solar covers have many perks for pool owners. They help save energy and keep the pool warm. These covers cut down on the cost of heating a pool by using the sun’s heat. This way, they lessen heat loss and keep the water warm. This method avoids the need for a pool heater to work too hard.

They bring benefits for the environment and your wallet too. By decreasing water evaporation, they make refills 30%-50% less necessary. This saves effort and benefits water conservation. Solar covers also reduce the need for chlorine by keeping UV rays away from the water. This means a 35%-60% fewer chemicals, showing they’re good for the earth.

Furthermore, solar covers make pool upkeep easier. They stop things like leaves and dirt from getting in your pool. This results in less cleaning and more swimming time. In short, solar covers are a smart buy. They save energy, keep your pool warm, and lower costs in the long run. They’re ideal for anyone who cares about the planet and wishes to cut down on maintenance.

Factors to Consider Before Using a Solar Cover

Before using a solar pool cover, several things need thinking over. Check the pool’s current temperature and the weather, especially on sunny days. High sun and heat might cause the water’s temperature to change unevenly, so checking and balancing are key.

Also, strong winds can blow debris into the pool. A solar cover can stop this, yet it’s vital to remove it at times. This allows for essential gas exchange, helping to keep the pool’s chemicals in balance.

Consider the type of pool cover you’re using, too. While solid covers are tough, they should come off in the warm months. This prevents algae growth and damage from UV rays. Keeping the cover clean and storing it well with the help of a reel and special cleaner boosts its lifespan and helps with pool care.

When Should You Not Put Solar Cover on Pool?

The key to making a solar cover work well is understanding when to use it. It’s best not to use the cover if the pool’s temperature is already high for the day. This way, you won’t heat the pool too much, which can mess up the water balance.

It’s also important to take the cover off for a few hours every couple of days. This lets sunlight directly warm the water and keeps the chemicals in the water balanced. It stops gases from getting trapped under the cover, which can cause problems.

When you add chemicals to the pool, or after you shock it, take the cover off. This protects the cover from the chemicals and helps the water get properly mixed and full of oxygen. Not doing this can damage the cover faster and make it not work as well.

Pros and Cons of Keeping a Solar Cover on Your Pool

A solar cover for your pool has many pluses. One big benefit is it holds the heat more. This keeps the water warm, especially on cool nights. It also stops leaves and dirt from getting in the water.

Solar covers save both water and energy, lowering bills. They are good for the environment too. They let pool owners cut down on their carbon footprint.

Yet, using a solar cover does come with some downsides. The sunlight can wear it out faster. This means it won’t last as long. Also, if it gets too hot, the water might not warm evenly under the cover.

To avoid these problems, remember to take the cover off now and then. This is for the cover’s care and to let the water breathe. Follow the maker’s advice to use it right.

If you use a lighter cover while the sun is out, it can help against leaves. Think about these tips. They will help you enjoy your pool more. Your pool will stay clean and warm with a solar cover. It will use less energy too.


Solar pool covers are great for keeping your pool warm and saving energy. They help balance things by avoiding chemical issues and cover wear. To make your pool care effective, you must know your pool and the weather nearby.

Cleaning your pool regularly and watching the chemicals is key. Make sure to look after your solar cover too. Store it well and clean it sometimes to help it last longer. Doing these things keeps your pool clean and the cover working.

If you live in a place like Phoenix or Tucson, you might have unique pool needs. Talking to local solar cover experts can really help. They will give you advice that suits your specific situation. Using solar covers wisely makes pool care easier, giving you a pleasant swimming spot.

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