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Why is My Pool Green?

green pool phoenix and tucson arizona

“I’ve shocked it several times and its still green.”

Green and cloudy pools are generally attributed to phosphates in your pool water. Having at too high of a phosphate level can make algae growth more likely and makes it more difficult to lower it with chlorine and pool shock.

Pool Phosphates

Phosphates are organic materials that naturally occur in your pool. They usually grow in your pool due to organic material such as dead leaves, bugs, organic fertilizers etc. With increased debris in your pool, it allows the phosphates to feed and grow into algae and hence a green pool.

There is no real way to completely remove phosphates from your pool. Low levels of phosphates are perfectly safe to swim in. High phosphate levels however can affect your health and your pool’s health. Your pool only needs 1,000 parts per billion to start affecting your health. Algae growth can also damage your pool surface.

In order to lower your phosphate levels, you must purchase a separate phosphate test kit from your local pool store. Once you phosphate level has been established, you can purchase phosphate removal chemicals and slowly add to your pool. After each application of the chemical, be sure to test your levels each time until your levels are zero.  These phosphate removal chemicals do pose a health risk and should not be overused for pool safety. If the levels are not reducing fast enough, it might be time to completely change your water out.

Best Pool Covers to Prevent Green Pools

Solar Safe Pool Covers are the best and easiest way to keep debris out of your pool. And as a result, will dramatically help your phosphate levels and keep your pool healthy and blue. Our Powerlock pool cover will allow you to hibernate your pool for months or even years and our Thermal cover will keep debris out and the heat in with a quick removal for use.

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