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Top Benefits of Custom Pool Covers


Custom pool covers are an economical way to protect your swimming pool and ensure it remains safe for everyone. They come in various materials and require minimal installation effort.

Pool covers can be installed by either a homeowner or professional. There are various types of covers, such as custom solar pool covers and thermal covers.


Pool covers are an excellent way to personalize and keep your pool clean. Plus, they help you save money on heating costs and water filtration.

Custom pool covers are tailored to fit a particular pool shape and size, typically at a higher cost than stock safety covers, but they provide extra security for your investment. These customized covers offer more customizability than stock safety covers and often last longer as they have been made specifically for your pool.

These customized swimming pool covers are engineered, cut and sewn to your exact measurements so they meet both warranty and ASTM safety requirements. Plus, all our products are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM warranty conditions.

Custom safety covers are an ideal solution for families with children or pets who could fall into the pool. Furthermore, they keep out leaves, dirt and debris.


Ideal pool covers should be made of strong and reliable materials that won’t fade in sunlight. Furthermore, they should be easy to handle and store away during winter months for seasonal storage.

Custom pool covers are usually designed to last several seasons before you need to replace them. However, the longevity of your cover depends on its material and how well you take care of it.

Durability is another important consideration when it comes to automatic pool covers. While they typically use durable materials that will last several years before needing replacement, there are still numerous moving parts which may break or wear down over time.

Fortunately, most automatic pool covers come with durable drive mechanisms that come with some of the industry’s best warranties. While these motors won’t break often, they do wear down over time due to constant usage and must be replaced from time to time.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most efficient ways to save money on heating your pool is by covering it when not in use with solar pool covers. Savings of 50-70% are possible due to decreased evaporation from both outdoor and indoor pools when covered.

Covers also conserve energy by keeping heated water warmer, which cuts back on overall heating costs. Furthermore, covers keep the pool water warmer at night by shielding against cooler air temperatures outside.

Pool covers are an excellent investment for homeowners who want to enjoy their pools all year long.

Pool covers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all kinds of pools, from above ground to permanent ones. They’re made out of materials like mesh or vinyl with some being form-fitted to the pool for extra security and water protection.


Pool safety should always be taken into account when selecting a cover for your pool. Custom pool covers are tailored to fit perfectly over your pool and provide security for children, pets and guests when the pool is not in use.

Safety covers also prevent dirt and debris accumulation during wintertime, saving you time and money when opening your pool in springtime. They block rainwater, snowmelt, as well as contaminants like acid rain, pollen and phosphates that could contaminate your water.

You have your pick of mesh or solid safety covers, both available in various colors and accessories. Most covers will be hunter green; however, if you want to match your pool’s color scheme or have something unique, there are several options available.

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