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What Type of Pool Cover is Right For Your Pool?

Lap Pool Shape Thermal Pool Cover (Heatsaver) With Roller AZ

Pool covers are an integral component of any backyard, yet they can also be costly and time-consuming purchases. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to know which kind of pool cover best meets your requirements.

Pool covers come in various shapes and sizes to fit different pool types. Knowing which cover best suits your specific pool can be tricky if you don’t know its needs.

Pool covers come in three primary varieties: solid, mesh and automatic. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks; so it’s up to you to decide which is best suited for your home and budget.

At Solar Safe Pool Covers we make sure all your pool cover questions are answered and present the best custom pool covers and solar pool cover options that are on the market.

Solid (Tarp) Pool Covers

A standard pool cover made of tarp costs around $75-$225 and requires a pump on top to keep out sunlight and light debris. They usually last 1-3 seasons. Usually not the best investment in your pool or less common option chosen from homeowners.

Mesh Safety Covers

A mesh safety cover is an ideal option if you need a simple way to keep your pool safe during wintertime. These covers are composed of densely woven threads that allow water and snow to drain through, simplifying cleanup and reducing stress on the cover itself.

These covers are more expensive than tarps, but their versatility makes them worthwhile. Not only do they protect people and pets from falling in, but they can support up to 4,000 pounds in weight!

Installing pool covers is simple, and they help reduce evaporation. Uncovering your pool’s water can cause irritation, sneezing and even eye and respiratory infections.

Mesh pool covers are also easier to maintain and can reduce chemical usage by up to 35 percent.

Auto Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers offer the ultimate convenience, making them a great option for busy families. Unlike semi-automatic and manual models, these covers have permanently mounted reels that automatically cover and uncover your pool with the push of a button.

However, they can be more expensive than other options and require professional installation. Furthermore, they’re not as durable as other covers – usually only lasting a few years before the motor wears out.

Before you begin shopping for a pool cover, be sure to inform the salesperson what its primary function will be. Is it primarily meant to keep leaves and debris out of the pool? Or do you expect it will keep your pool warm enough for swimming in cold months?

Next, you must decide where your pool will be installed. This will let your salesperson know what type of hardware should be used for the pool cover.

It’s essential to have your plans and blueprints on hand when talking with a salesperson, as the size and shape of your pool will affect how much it costs for a cover. Be sure to bring these along when shopping so that you get an accurate quote.

Call our sales consultant at Solar Safe Pool Covers to get your custom quote and price on a new pool cover for your home in the Phoenix, AZ and Tucson, AZ metro area.

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