We manufacture and install for both residential and commercial pools.

We manufacture and install two types of custom pool covers, the PowerLock Solar Safety and the HeatSaver Thermal.  Both covers easily accommodate pools with irregular shapes or sizes.  Boulders, water features, walls, or raised/rolled/infinity edges are no problem for our custom designed, sewn on-site, pool covers.

Our PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is a durable, flexible vinyl material with a polyester mesh core that is designed to float on the surface of the pools water. The fabric wraps onto the perimeter, sealing the pool, and is firmly secured with our PowerLock Anchoring System 

The female portion of the anchor is mounted flush into the decking, preventing tripping hazards, and the male portion is secured on the cover.  The anchors create an impassible barrier between your loved ones and the pool’s water.

PowerLock Benefits

Anchors and Colors


The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is one of the safest pool covers on the market. The combined strength of the PowerLock Anchoring System and the durability of our vinyl material make the PowerLock strong enough to support the weight of an entire family, greatly exceeding the ASTM F1346-91 weight requirement of 485lbs.

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