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 Hibernate Your Pool!

Temporarily or Permanently

Would you like to "fill your pool”
or get rid of your pool altogether?


You can reduce or eliminate your maintenance, filtration, and chemical use for months at a time, or even FOREVER if you want, with a Solar Safe Pool Cover.


Many pool owners don’t use their pools for several months at a time, whether it’s during the winter months when the pool is too cold, or when they are gone for several months at any time of the year.  An uncovered pool still requires regular filtration, cleaning, and chemicals, even during times that it is not being used.


Some pool owners no longer use their pools at all, but feel they have to either continue to maintain the pool, or fill it in.  Filling in a pool can be very expensive, has to be disclosed to future buyers, and lowers the value of your home.


A Solar Safe Pool Cover allows you to shut down, or hibernate, your pool for a few weeks, for a season, or even forever if you wish. The solid vinyl with polyester mesh core fabric keeps dirt, leaves and debris out of your pool water.  The pool cover reduces evaporation by up to 95%, so you won’t be constantly adding water. Also, the solid cover keeps sunlight out of the pool, so it won’t break down the chlorine and other pool chemicals.  And algae can’t grow without sunlight, so you’ll never have to worry about your pool water turning green when the pool cover is on the pool.


To shut down your pool, first be sure the water is at its normal level and that all the chemicals are in balance.  Attach the pool cover, and then adjust your pool filter timer.  If you plan to use the pool again in just a few weeks, maybe after a vacation, for example, set your filter to run for an hour a day or a few hours a week.  If you don’t plan to use the pool for several months, maybe during the winter, or if you are planning to be away for some time, set the filter to run for a half hour a day or an hour or so once a week, or turn it off completely until you return.  If you no longer plan to use your pool at all, simply turn the pump and filter off completely.


If your pool doesn’t have an automatic water leveler, you may need to add a few inches of
water once a year or so to maintain the correct level


When you are ready to use the pool again after hibernation, first check all the chemicals, add whatever is necessary, and run your pump and filter long enough to filter the entire volume of water at least twice.  For most pools, that will mean running the pump and filter about 24 hours.  This can be done in increments over several days, if you prefer.


After the initial filtration is completed, check all the chemicals again, and bring all the levels to the correct balance. 
Your pool water should be clear and ready to enjoy at that point.

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