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Swimming pools can cost up to $1000 a year in routine maintenance, another $1000 a year if you pay a pool service company to take care of it and another $1000 a year in deferred maintenance.  At $3000 a year maintaining a pool can cost as much as buying a car, only with a car the payments only last for a few years, with a pool the costs of maintenance last for the life of the pool.

A standard single speed pump can cost up to $500 per year in electric cost.  Pool chemicals can cost over $300 per year and water can cost several hundred dollars per year depending on your local water rates.  Those typical operating costs can add up to $1000 per year.

Pool service companies generally charge a monthly fee based on the services they provide.  Typically that can cost $80 to $100 per month which again can be over $1000 per year.


Swimming pools have some unavoidable expensive maintenance costs over their life.  With resurfacing the pool interior every few years or so, repairs to the decking, replacing pumps and filters and other unavoidable issues can cost an additional $1000 per year in prorated maintenance costs.


A Solar Safe Pool Cover can reduce many if not all of those costs.  Instead of filtering your pool 8, 10 or even 12 hours per day with our vinyl sun blocking pool cover you can reduce that to an hour per day in the summer.  By blocking the direct sun rays and eliminating the daily barrage of dirt and debris the filter time is drastically reduced.  In the winter time you can reduce it even more.


Solar Safe Pool Covers 1 Year No Chemical Clean Experiment.


How to filter your swimming pool for
$1.32 for a whole year.


This video clip was created after the first clip that was posted showed a swimming pool that was hibernated for 8 years and the water was still clear.

Pool chemicals get out of balance because of the incessant amount of containments and sunlight that are in the pool.  Chlorine is the obvious disinfectant of choice for most people.  Whether you apply it in tablet form, liquid, gas or through a salt water chlorine generator, it is expensive and is burnt up  by the sun's rays.  Using a Solar Safe Pool Cover chlorine use is reduced dramatically.  Saving the cost of chlorine, acid and other chemicals can save over $300 per year.  Salt water chlorine generators are inexpensive to operate by using simple salt to make chlorine but the initial cost of the equipment and the periodic cost of the replacement cells make it a fairly costly way to chlorinate your pool.

Water is a precious commodity in most areas where swimming pools are popular.  In the Western United States over 30 million people rely on the Colorado River for their water supply.  The Colorado River water shed has been in a 15 year drought cycle.  By reducing water evaporation by 90% a Solar Safe Pool Cover is a responsible way to own and operate a swimming pool.  Most pools in the dry west evaporate their entire contents in one year.  With a Solar Safe Pool Cover we can reduce evaporation by 90% and also help keep chemicals and water quality in better balance.

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