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If pool safety is a concern for your family can you afford to have second best?  Pool Fences are good, but Solar Safe Pool Covers are better!


In the past when people thought about pool safety they thought primarily about a fence, that has been the solution for decades to discourage children from getting access to pool water. The challenge is that the pool is still visually attractive goal and many children each year find their way around, over or through the fence.  Whether the pool fence is in disrepair, the gate not latched properly or the child figures out how to climb the fence, inquisitive children find their way past fences  The fact is 20% of the child drowning incidents each year happened in pools that had a fence. That means as a whole they are 80% effective.  Is 80% effective good enough for your family?  Many people fall into a false sense of security thinking that since they have a fence that makes the pool child-proof.


If a Solar Safe Pool Cover is used properly it is impossible for a child or pet to have access to pool water.    With our exclusive brass anchors, our cover will hold an entire family on the cover.  A Solar Safe Pool Cover exceeds the standards established by the American Society of Testing and Measures (ASTM) for a safety pool cover.  Standard F1346-91 requires that a pool cover has to hold at least 485 pounds which our cover easily does.


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