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Do solar pool covers really work?

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Are you questioning the value of solar pool covers in keeping heat and lowering energy bills? Fans of these covers say they can drop pool evaporation hugely and save almost half on energy. The question is, do they really work well, or is it all hype?

Key Takeaways

  • Solar pool covers, also known as solar blankets, can significantly reduce heat loss.
  • They are promoted for cutting energy costs and improving heat retention.
  • Studies highlight their potential to reduce pool water evaporation by up to 95%.
  • Energy savings of over 30% have been documented in research.
  • Using solar covers may also lower the indoor pool environment’s humidity.

What Are Solar Pool Covers?

Solar pool covers are often called solar blankets. They are a smart way to make your pool better. Think of them as super-sized bubble wrap. They cover the entire pool’s surface, using the heat from the sun to warm the water.

These covers soak up the sun’s heat and then give it to the pool water. This keeps the water warm even at night. They work so well because they wrap the pool completely, locking in the heat.

On a sunny day, they can make the water 10-15 degrees warmer in about six hours. This quick change proves how well they use the sun’s power. It’s an easy way for pool owners to enjoy a warmer swim.

How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

Solar pool covers do two essential things: they keep heat in and stop water from evaporating. This means your pool gains heat from the sun and keeps it longer. The result is warmer water without a higher energy bill.

The bubble wrap on these covers acts like a blanket, keeping the pool from losing heat to the air. It works well even when it’s cold or windy. A study by Cal Poly in 2016 proved these covers cut down on water loss. Plus, less heating means you save more on energy.

Many things affect how well solar pool covers work. For example, their color and how thick they are matter. Design features, like solar rings, can also make a difference. These features impact how much sun the cover soak up and, in turn, how warm your pool gets and stays.

Benefits of Using Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers do a lot more than just keep your pool warm. They reduce how many chemicals you need and make the water safer. This saves you money too.

They stop leaves and dirt from getting in the pool, making it cleaner. So, you spend less time cleaning and more time swimming.

Solar pool covers trap sunlight and turn it into warmth. They help lower your energy use and keep the pool comfy for longer. This means you can enjoy swimming even outside of summer.

They also stop a lot of water from evaporating, up to 98% in some cases. This saves both water and the heat in the pool. It’s great for the planet and for your wallet.

Modern solar pool covers are really durable. They’re designed to last longer, even against the sun and pool chemicals. This makes them a smart buy for anyone who wants to get more from their pool.

Do Solar Pool Covers Really Work?

Studies show that solar pool covers do a lot. They save money on heating, cut down evaporation, and keep the water warm. They use the sun’s power to warm the water and stop heat from leaving. This process is key for making pool heating cheaper. A report by the U.S. Department of Energy found that these covers can raise pool temperatures by 10-15 degrees.

Also, these covers help save water and lower heating bills by reducing evaporation. They keep pools warm for longer without wasting much water. This is good for keeping the water at the right temperature and using less energy.

Some might find it a hassle to put on and take off these covers. But, experts say the little effort is worth the big savings and keeping the pool warm. This shows how important these covers are for cutting costs and being eco-friendly.

To sum up, solar pool covers are highly effective. They are a smart choice for pool owners who want to save on heating and improve comfort. They are both practical and good for the environment.

Factors Influencing Solar Pool Cover Effectiveness

Many things affect how well solar pool covers work. The main one is the solar cover material. Thick covers keep the most heat in. But, clear covers let the most sun through to warm the pool.

The weather makes a big difference too. If the days are hot but the nights get cool, it affects how much heat the cover can save. Where you live and if your pool is inside or outside also matter a lot.

Pool dimensions play a big part as well. Big pools take longer to heat up evenly. Small pools warm up faster. The pool’s depth matters too. Deeper pools hold heat better but also take more time to heat up.

Taking care of the cover is key. Doing cover maintenance helps it last longer and work better. This means regularly cleaning it and watching for wear. If it’s getting old, it might be time to get a new one to avoid losing heat.

Knowing and looking after these factors lets pool owners get the most out of their solar covers. It’s all about making smart choices and taking the right steps.


Solar pool covers have been shown to work well through many studies and user stories. They keep the heat in the pool, stop water from evaporating too fast, and save on energy costs. This proof helps show that solar blankets do make a pool warmer and more eco-friendly.

The feedback from pool owners using these covers is generally good. Solar pool covers can save a lot of energy and make swimming more enjoyable. They are a smart choice for people who want to improve their pool plus save money the green way.

Solar pool covers are a useful tool for pool care because they are good for the planet and help you spend less. They really do make the water feel warmer and are kind on your wallet. This makes them a top pick for anyone looking for a sustainable way to heat their swimming pool.

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