Solar Safety Pool Covers manufactures and installs custom sewn pool covers for residential and commercial properties.

We specialize in two types of pool covers, the PowerLock Solar Safety and the HeatSaver Thermal.  Both covers easily accommodate pools with irregular shapes and sizes.  Boulders, water features, raised/rolled edges, and walls are no problem for our custom designed, sewn on-site, pool covers.

PowerLock Solar Safety Covers

1 Cover – 5 Powerful Benefits

Protects children, pets, and critters by creating an impassable barrier to the pool’s water.

Prevents dirt, debris, and UV rays from disrupting the pool’s chemistry.

Allows for the complete shut-down of the pool for weeks, months, or years at a time.

Saves hundreds to thousands on chemical, water, electric, and pool servicing costs.

HeatSaver Thermal Covers

Superior Heat Retention

Retains up to 90% of the heat by insulating the pool/spa.

Reduces maintenance from chemical, water, and temperature loss. 

Saves money on heating costs and maintenance reduction.

Passive solar collection adds 10 to 15 degrees of temperature, extending the swim season.

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