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Extend Your Swim Season

The Solar Safe Pool Cover is a passive solar heater, helping to convert sunlight into heat for your pool water.  This can allow you to swim earlier in the spring and later in the fall than you would in an uncovered pool.  Independent lab tests have shown that click here for more...


Save Lives

If pool safety is a concern for your family can you afford to have second best?  Pool Fences are good, but Solar Safe Pool Covers are better!


In the past when people thought about pool safety they thought primarily about a fence, that has been the solution for decades to discourage children from getting access to pool water. The challenge is that the pool is still visually attractive goal click here for more.....

Save Money

Swimming pools can cost up to $1000 a year in routine maintenance, another $1000 a year if you pay a pool service company to take care of it and another $1000 a year in deferred maintenance.  At $3000 a year maintaining a pool can cost as much as buying a car, only with a car the payments only last for a few years, with a pool the costs of maintenance last for the life of the pool.

A standard single speed pump can cost up to $500 per year in electric cost.  Pool chemicals can cost over $300 click here for more....


Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it!


A Solar Safe Pool Cover keeps your pool cleaner with less effort.  The solid vinyl with polyester mesh core fabric keeps dirt, leaves and debris out of your pool water. Before removing the pool cover, simply use your pool brush to sweep the leaves and dirt to one end or side of the pool cover where it can easily be picked up and thrown away, much easier than cleaning handfuls of wet leaves click here for more.....

Cleaner Pool

 Hibernate Your Pool!

Temporarily or Permanently

Would you like to "fill your pool”
or get rid of your pool altogether?


You can reduce or eliminate your maintenance, filtration, and chemical use for months at a time, or even FOREVER if you want, with a Solar Safe Pool Cover.


Many pool owners don’t use their pools for several months at a time, whether it’s during the winter months when the pool is too cold, or when they are gone for several months at any time of the year.  An uncovered pool still requires regular filtration, cleaning, and chemicals, even during times that it is not being used. click here for more....


This video shows a pool that was shutdown for 8 years!

Save money, lives, energy & time!

Keep your value of your home high!

Arizona's leading swimming pool cover manufacturer and installer of automatic and manual pool covers. Solar Safe is leading the charge to educate swimming pool owners in Arizona about the benefits of pool covers.


A SOLAR SAFE POOL COVER is actually 4 pool covers in one.


  1. First and foremost, it is a giant solar collector which will add significant heat to your swimming pool.
  2. Second, it is a pool safety device acting much better than traditional fences, keeping children safe in your backyard.
  3. Third, the cover is a great financial tool saving you money on electricity, chemicals and water.
  4. Fourth, it is a winter cover that allows you to put your pool into a long hibernation.

A Solar Safe Pool Cover


Comes in two basic configurations; automatic and manual.


The automatically controlled and the manually controlled versions provide all the same features for each cover.

The only difference is the convenience you get with the automatic pool cover. The automatic cover opens in about 30 seconds, utilizing a proprietary motor system that makes using a cover easy. The manual cover offers all the features of the automatic except it takes some effort and time to apply and remove the cover.


The automatic pool cover comes in two basic styles; under-track and top-track.

The under-track is utilized during the construction of the swimming pool. Several factors are modified to accept the under-track version. The top-track version is generally a retrofit automatic cover. The top-track can fit on many pools, regardless of shape and size and you do NOT have to have a rectangular-shaped pool to utilize the top-track version.


The manual covers generally utilize our "POWERLOCK ATTACHMENT SYSTEM". The POWERLOCK SYSTEM uses a battery-powered portable drill with a three-foot extension to allow easy removal and replacement of the POWERLOCK.

Solar Safe Pool Covers

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