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 Solar Safe Pool Covers

 Mesh Pool Covers



Mesh pool covers are made of a densely woven mesh fabric that blocks most of the sunlight and leaves from entering the pool water.  They are primarily used as winter covers in areas of the country that experience freezing temperatures


Mesh pool covers allow water, such as rain or sprinkler water, to flow through the cover into the pool water. Small particles of dirt and sand can be carried through the cover as well. When used as a winter cover, spring time clean up of the pool may require considerable filtering and/or vacuuming to remove all the dirt.


Mesh covers are usually installed with springs at each anchor point, and require the use of a ratchet or lever tool to pull the cover tight at each anchor.  A mesh pool cover can be designed to meet the ASTM safety standards, but the difficulty of putting the cover on and taking it off make it a poor choice for a pool that will be used frequently.


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