Heat Retention

Shut-down the pool for weeks, months, or YEARS at a time!

One of the best benefits of the PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is that it allows for the complete shut-down, or hibernation, of the pool for weeks, months, or years at a time.  This incredible benefit gives our clients the peace of mind knowing their pool is taken care of if they choose to shut it down while away on vacation or indefinitely.  


The HeatSaver Thermal Cover reduces overnight heat loss by 1-3 degrees, significantly saving the amount of time and energy it takes to heat the pool, saving you money.

The HeatSaver Thermal Cover is quality constructed from #2 density cross-linked, closed celled polyethylene foam.  It is sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of polyethylene coated, high density woven, 1600 denier black fabric.  The blue coated top layer has high resistance to ultraviolet rays. The cover is edged with an industrial strength woven polyethylene hem available in either blue or black webbing.

Hibernating your pool is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3  

1. Level

Level the pool’s water.

2. Balance

Balance the pool’s chemistry.

3. Install

Install the PowerLock Solar Safety Cover.

Shut Down

Shut-down the pool pump. 

For Long-Term Hibernation, shut-down the pool filtration system completely.   

For Short-Term Hibernation, you may choose to either shut-down the pump completely or you may run the pump for 1 hour a day or a few hours once a week to keep the pool “jump in ready.”

Our Pool Covers

Better than Pool Fences, Mesh Pool Covers and Blue Bubble Covers.

Better than a Pool Fence

Pool Fences are good, but a Solar Safe Pool Covers PowerLock pool cover is better! Most people are trained to think that pool safety means a safety fence.

Better than a Mesh Cover

If you are from the Midwest or East Coast then you are probably familiar with mesh pool covers.  They are quite common in areas of the country that have winter seasons where pools are shut down.  

Better than a Blue Bubble Cover

When many people think of a solar pool cover they think of the inexpensive solar/blue bubble plastic covers that you cut with a pair of scissors to fit your pool.

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