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Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it!


A Solar Safe Pool Cover keeps your pool cleaner with less effort.  The solid vinyl with polyester mesh core fabric keeps dirt, leaves and debris out of your pool water. Before removing the pool cover, simply use your pool brush to sweep the leaves and dirt to one end or side of the pool cover where it can easily be picked up and thrown away, much easier than cleaning handfuls of wet leaves from your skimmer and backwashing your filter.  Or you can use your portable leaf blower to clear off the pool cover in just minutes, instead of spending hours weekly cleaning your pool and filter system.


Summer dust storms or “haboobs” will no longer mean hours of pool cleaning afterward, only a few minutes to clear off the cover before you can use the pool again!


The solid cover keeps sunlight out of the pool, so it slows the breakdown of chlorine and other pool chemicals.  And algae can’t grow without sunlight, so you’ll never have to worry about your pool water turning green when the pool cover is on the pool.  While using the pool, still keep all your chemicals at the correct level, but you’ll find that you usually will have to add less chemicals to keep the levels balanced.

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