Anchors & Colors



The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is a vinyl material that is designed to float on the surface of the pool’s water. The fabric wraps up onto the decking and is secured with the PowerLock Anchoring System.

PowerLock Anchoring System

The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover is one of the safest covers on the market because of the PowerLock Anchoring System.

Dime-sized brass anchors are drilled flush into the deck, preventing tripping hazards, and are installed every 30 inches around the perimeter of the pool.

A core drill is used to protect the deck for non-cement surfaces such as tile, travertine, or pavers.

The female portion of the anchor is inserted in the deck and the male portion is secured on the cover.

PowerLock Colors Options



Desert Tan

Pool Blue

Charcoal Grey

Royal Blue

Solar Green

Navy Blue

The PowerLock Solar Safety Cover comes in 3 standard colors with several premium color options available.

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